Ontario Hosta Society

OHS Club Plants

OHS Club Plants are available to OHS members, limited number available.

These are plants that members have found/grown, propagated and donated to the OHS. We want to thank all contributors for their generosity and effort put forth to propagate these hostas for our benefit.

We are looking to update the photos of all of our Club Plants. Please send photos of mature Club Plants to our .

Year Hosta Name Notes
2006 OHS Love in the Mist Sport of 'Love Pat'
2007 OHS Calamari Sport of 'Sea Octopus'
2008 OHS Margot's Delight Sport of 'Halcyon'
2009 OHS Butter Pat Seedling of 'Spilt Milk'
2010 OHS Udo's Labour Seedling
2011 OHS Juno Sport of 'June'