Ontario Hosta Society

A Message from the Board

Dear Members of the Ontario Hosta Society,

Greetings from the Board members of the Ontario Hosta Society.

As we plan on embarking on another exciting year of the Society, we are reaching out to invite you to participate in the many exciting activities of the Society.

From the first meeting of the Society in 1995, Members have met with fellow enthusiasts to introduce each other to the wide world of hostas and learn about many matters, including propagation, and general gardening expertise. The Society invites both members and non-members to explore Hosta gardens and visit growers and retailers. It provides forums to learn about and to discuss hostas with expert speakers and fellow hostaphiles. The Society provides bridges and linkages to other Societies and Clubs.

As the Society continues and strives to rebuild after the effects of the Covid pandemic it is time to ramp up member involvement again.

We firmly believe in the inherent value and benefits of a healthy Hosta Society. But we need your help.

First and foremost, we need a healthy Membership. We believe that you get great value for money with your membership and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have of your executive who are all volunteers. We also encourage you to invite gardening Friends to join us.

Today, we are asking you to consider volunteering alongside us as our society grows, We have a lot of fun doing it and our volunteers are the glue that holds us together.

Volunteering can entail as much or as little commitment on your part as you feel you can give. Many opportunities exist. You can serve as a Board member, help with organizing or assisting in the yearly activities we plan and undertake, such as our annual picnic, meetings with speakers, bus tours, and regional garden visits. Our Hosta Forums have presented the top experts from the Hosta world.

As we go forward, we want to support our social media presence through developing and maintaining our website (https://ontariohostasociety.com) and our electronic newsletter. These activities are undertaken with guidance and assistance of Board members.

If you have a flair for event planning, or a knack for organization, there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved. We have openings for roles such as event planners and coordinators, and outreach ambassadors for membership and for our associated retailers and suppliers. As noted above we are particularly interested in volunteers with a flair for writing and the Web for our newsletter and website.

Your participation will not only enhance our club but also provide you with a chance to connect with fellow members who share your enthusiasm.

If you are interested in contributing your time and skills, please reply to this email or reach out to any one of the Members of the Board. Your commitment, no matter how big or small, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our Society.

Thank you so much.